#27 - August 1, 2014 - Sideshow Bennie!
Both kinky and poly, SideShow Bennie has been part of the modern side show revival for over 15 years and has a legion of fans from border to border and coast to coast. His pain threshold is legendary and his wit is bountiful and those two attributes combine to make SideShow Bennie an entertainment extravaganza without peer. SideShow Bennie's act is an intense physical experience. He does things with and to his body that the rational mind tells one they should not do, including driving nails up his nose, allowing audience members to staple dollar bills to his body (even his forehead!), fire breathing, glass walking and much more. We'll talk to Bennie about how his kinky leanings contribute to his professional act. Don't miss this one, folks; Bennie is one of the funniest people around!


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