#100 - The 100th Episode!  - A look to the Past and Future
We made it!  It is amazing that we zinged through a 100 episodes in under two years.  The idea of the KinkyCast was born at the Beast's birthday party in January of 2014.  By the first of February we posted the first show, you will hear a clip on this episode.  We realized that remembering all the guests were getting harder.  With notes, graphs, maps and show clips we dived into the past 100.  We looked forward to the direction we want to take the show.  We are adding new features and web site functions.  Our email box is always open for comments and suggestions.
Check out the 2014 Archive, a brand new feature of the site.  The 2014 Archive will be updated in the near future.
Email: Woody@KinkyCast.com or Beast@KinkyCast.com  If you wish to remain anonymous, click on the "Bashful" tab above and send us a note without any part of you attached.


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