#79 - July 31, 2015 - Getting Legal with Lady Steele ** - THIS IS IMPORTANT - **
Sarah Avraham, aka Lady Steele, is a member of both the Georgia Kink community and Georgia Bar.  On this giant two part episode she discusses how to handle minor - and not so minor - brushes with the law.  In a fictitious scenario from home to motel room, she explains what to say - and NOT to say, when facing a law enforcement officer. Professional Sarah practices law, including issues with a kink component.   Lady Steele presents on a variety of topics related to BDSM and law as well as variety of other fetishes.  Most recently presenting at Frolicon 2015 in Atlanta.  You may find her on Fetlife as AttorneyLadySteele and on the NCSF Kink Aware Professional page as Sarah Avraham.


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