#183 - Yum Yum Panda on Self Rigging 
This week, Woody & the Beast chat with Yum Yum Panda. Panda has been in the lifestyle since 2013 when she first found Fetlife and joined her local community in Jacksonville, FL. Since then, Panda has founded and lead multiple groups in the Jacksonville area, including a group dedicated to helping new people in the scene discover and navigate BDSM and the community. Panda has a passion for many different kinks including humiliation/degradation, impact, DD/lg, CBT and strap-on play, but her biggest passion is for rope. Panda discovered her passion for rope when she started self-tying. After falling in love with rope, she asked a fellow female rigger to start mentoring and help her start her rope journey. After a year and a half of self-tying, Panda expanded onto tying others and also being tied. She has had the pleasure of taking many intensives/classes and studying under some incredible rope tops. Panda has taught many classes in the Jacksonville area. Since coming to the PNW, Panda has taught at various groups/events/cons in the area. Panda also coordinates education and events for a Seattle venue, SubSpace, including teaching rope, hosting/teaching a monthly rope lab and leading the Seattle chapter of the Start Here group. She also enjoys performing and performed for MBE Orlando in 2015 and at various group munches/events. With a professional background in education, she has a passion for knowledge that keeps her always learning and wanting to help others learn.

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