#210 - FlutteryGirl - Size Matters 
This week Woody & the Beast learn why “Size Matters” when FlutteryGirl explains it.  One day she was just reading someone’s writing about dick size and how it’s body shaming for men. True enough. It occurred to her that often women say "size doesn't matter" (also true) but never tend to explain why this is. So Fluttery thought she’d give a little insight. Size does matter but not in the way guys think. Yes, most girls if not all will at some time talk about a big cock they have had and how nice it was. What you don't normally hear is that a lot of the time women don't enjoy a larger cock. There's only so much room inside before it becomes uncomfortable! Different sizes need different positions. It's rather rare for someone with a really big cock to be able to toss a girls feet/legs over their shoulders and really pound without actually hurting a girl in a not so good way. Trust me it's not fun to walk around all bruised inside for a couple days or worse yet to start bleeding because of something like that. So then you get stuck with only certain positions that are enjoyable for both partners.
Link to Fluttery’s writing: https://fetlife.com/users/608103/posts/4719919
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