#212 - A Mischief Managed - The Evolution of a New Dom 
AMischiefManaged (Ron) is a relatively new face to the kink scene.  Even though his journey has taken him to hundreds of events in 10 different cities, most may only know of him through his writings, which are beginning to rival some of the most prolific writers on the fetlife.com platform.  His particular writing style brings an unexpected sense of authenticity, openness with his flaws, and thought provoking perspectives to his own journey as well as the journey of those around him. Those who are new to the scene can find a library of these writings on his profile as well as a recommended class progression to take someone from knowing absolutely nothing to being fairly comfortable and integrated with their local scene. He has also spent time developing an intensive class called “The Philosophy of Fulfillment in Power Exchange.”  The purpose of which is to build the rules, protocols, and the traditions observed in a relationship around 30 unique personality aspects of each individual, the love language the person hears, the golden circle of why we do what we do, as well as the desires and bucket list each person wishes to experience in their life.  It is by far the most requested class he teaches. Today he shares with us his own journey and some wisdom he hopes the next generation can use to revolutionize their kinky experience.
Keywords: podcast, kinkycast, mischief, managed, evolution, dom, new, kink, scene, journey, prolific, writer. 

#212 - A Mischief Managed - The Evolution of a New Dom

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