#215 - Master Ron K - Who Can Consent? 
Master Ron K, has been in the Leather DsBDSm lifestyle for just over 40 years at this point, he started young and lied about his age.  Master Ron has enjoyed a few slaves, many bottoms and a few Mentors/Tops. All of these people have contributed to him as a human and a Master during the process of life until now. He is a product of these experiences.

This week Master Ron talks are a subject brought up at a MaST meeting last year, on the subject of “Who can consent?”  This intrigued us at the KinkyCast and so we got him on the line to explore the subject.

Master Ron has had a long and enduring commitment to giving back to the Leather community. He wrote a monthly column for the Leather Journal in the mid 90's, presented at Living in Leather X, presented at the 1999 Master slave Conference in Atlanta, delivered many workshops in his local areas and was honored to be named San Jose Master 1995. He continues to speak on Master/slave relationships whenever and wherever he is asked.

He is currently working to develop a Master/slave relationship that brings out the best of all that he has learned and experienced over the years and continues to write about his Master/slave experience and philosophy.

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