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Here are links for information about SDI’s, PREP, testing and more. It a great resource for our diverse sexualities and genders! (Here)

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We are on the hunt for hot, kinky, and daring stories that will ignite the senses and captivate our audience. Whether your tale is based on real-life experiences, pure fiction, or a realm of wild fantasies, we want to hear it all! Share your envious moments where someone else is indulging in desires you yearn for or explore any version of these exhilarating themes. Join us on this exciting adventure and let your imagination run wild! For more info, click here! is a proud to be a supporting member of NCSF

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 January 28, 2023

“Couple therapists have voiced mixed feelings about BDSM. A survey published in 2013—two years after Fifty Shades—showed that one-third of therapists considered it bad for relationships. But a 2018 report showed that BDSM and non-BDSM (“vanilla”) couples expressed the same level of relationship satisfaction. Other reports have shown that among the top reasons for engaging in BDSM were partners’ deep trust in one another and the closeness BDSM engenders, both key indicators of good relationships.”

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