#220 - Tonya Jone Miller - Phone Sex
Tonya Jone Miller is an actress and playwright from Portland, Oregon. Tonya likes to tell stories, usually of the naughty variety. She also teaches workshops and offer one-on-one and couple's coaching on talking dirty and role play.

Meet Your Aural Courtesan
”What makes an extraordinary lover is not what is between a person’s legs, but rather what is between their ears.”                                    

"I live my life openly and freely. I am a creative performer and passionate provider of phone sex. For me, phone sex often transcends mere sexual gratification. Getting to share in the pleasure and relief of my callers and give them, even for a short amount of time, simple acceptance of who they are…It is an honor and a gift. Every day I learn more about myself and humankind through the genuine connections I make with people.”
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