Are You New?

Welcome!  For our new friends just joining us, we will be rolling out s new program called, The Mentor Series.  Each of there episodes are targeted to our audience that has either just joined the kinky community, thinking joining or are looking for a refresher.  

Upcoming “Mentor Series” topics:

NRE - New Relationship Energy - Presented by Billy Holder.  Billy covers living in the Poly lifestyle and the tricky situations that NRE will cause.  This is not just for Poly couples/families, it reaches into vanilla dating and even play-space addictions.  "What's the matter with that person?" you may hear.  "Oh, he's in love", may be the answer, or not.  NRE is a cocktail of brain chemicals that changes perspective.  When a guy in a poly family gets a dose of NRE, hold on, the rest of the family is taken for a ride.

BDSM-101 - Presented by D20Domme.  For some this is a refresher course, but we are digging deep into getting out in the kinky work and finding community.

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