#156 - D20Domme & Lucky Puppy on BDSM 101 / What Do I Do Next?   
*Mentor Series*  So, you have read Fifty Shades, maybe you have read BDSM 101, now what?  The jump from reading to reality is often seen as one of the hardest things you might do.  After all, fantasies are in your head and no one else has to see them… unless you want to throw the doors open to your darkest thoughts!  OK, come on it’s not nearly that dramatic.  Put on you street clothes and go to a munch.  You will meet ‘normal’ people that have common interests as you.  Some will be experienced and some will be there for the first time, like you.
Join us as we welcome back D20 Domme and Lucky Puppy as they take us through a step-by-step process to get your kink on!  
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