#161 - Shakir Rashaan - Author, In Service to the Senator
This week Woody & the Beast chat with Shakir Rashaan, the author and his kinkier side, Pharaoh. 
Pharaoh Khaf-Ra is a lifestyle Master with over twenty years of experience in the real-time BDSM/Fetish community. He has facilitated webinars and classes at various conventions and conferences on D/s dynamics and other topics. He is one half of a Dominant Couple-led House, the House of Kemi-nesew, married to Empress Nahara, a founding sister of the Onyx Pearls Southeast. Pharaoh, as Shakir, is an accomplished, published author, writing under the pen name of Shakir Rashaan, with over a dozen credits to his catalog.  Check out this excerpt,,,
The unexpected kidnapping of a senator's wife takes him off the campaign trail, as the mysterious organization taking credit for her abduction have made one rather extraordinary demand-one that threatens to revert American foreign policy back to the previous century's "Cold War" history. He has been given the ultimatum--either comply with the demands, or his wife will be killed.  
In Service to the Senator releases 
March 28, 2017
The Amazon link (Kindle): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MU57WG4
The paperback preorder link: www.ShakirRashaan.com/in-service-to-the-senator (readers would click on the NEBU logo to take them to the pay screen)
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161 - Shakir Rashaan - Author

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