#163 - Archer & Elegant - Rituals
Endorphin Soup for the Unconventional Soul: Creating Body Rituals
Stressing the body is often done to indelibly print the significance of a ritual. From Kavadi to the Sundance to firewalking, these practices show sacrifice and can be used to achieve transcendence. Discover a bit of the history of body stress rituals and explore how various body modifications and stresses can be used to recreate useful rituals in our lives. Kavadi style flesh hook ritual and a modern blood ritual in this class Elegant began her leather journey in Dallas, Texas in 1997 and has been an active part of the Atlanta community since moving in 2001. She does not like being identified with a single label, as her identity is a blending of her life. She is slave to Master Archer, mother to two teens, PTA volunteer, leather crafter, bootblack, and co-owner of Fantasies In Leather and TLC Leather Care. 
Keywords: kinkycast, ritual, archer, elegant, kavadi, frolicon, southeast

163 - Archer & Elegant - Rituals

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