#166 - Sir Jag - Fire Power Passion  
This week Woody chats with Sir Jag, a show producer in Idaho.  Freaks n’ Fetish Balls are on fire and blazing hot three times a year! This great show is coming April 14, 2017 as the Resurrection Ball at The Knitting Factory in Boise Idaho. Fire Power Passion: The world’s only fetish fire spectacular!  A riveting performance of fire, dance, sound, lights and video set to the best of rock with a special tribute to Queen!  This performance will leave you mesmerized by its bold, intense visual and primitive sensuality.  Driven by the Divinity Rose and the Damnation SirJag as they manipulate flame to dance and bite across the vulnerable bodies of Boise’s sexiest fire models!
Key Words: kinkycast, jag, fire, power, passion, show, producer, resurrection, performance 

166 - Jag - Fire Power Passion

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