#190 - Lady Skydive & Girl Complex
This week Woody & the Beast found a very interesting lady. May Waters, aka LadySkyDive, has been involved in the lifestyle (BDSM and Swing) for a few years now with her husband MrSkydive. We were surprised how out in the open she was with her life, so we wanted to learn more. She has been roped and suspended and found she truly loved it. The feeling of being nude, bound, exposed and totally vunerable is something it's hard for her to even describe. With her love of rope, she ventured into flogging and enjoyed it, leading to electro… And so much more. May is a moderate pain level submissive. Never afraid to try new things but do prefer more of the pleasure part vs the pain part. Follow the link to here site.
Part two of today’s show…
At the SouthEast LeatherFest 2017 Girl Complex speaks with the Beast, in one of her first interviews since winning the 2017 IMsL title. GC talks about her journey blazing trails to traditional male only clubs on her way to the title.
May Waters https://fetlife.com/users/6300579  http://sexymaywaters.com/ 
Girl Complex https://fetlife.com/users/1496073
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