#195 - Alice Toye on Consent Violation and Personal Responsibility  
This week Woody & the Beast call on Alice Toye from Houston Texas.  Alice has been active in the scene since 1999 and has presented at all Houston local groups on a wide variety of topics including negotiating, poly, bottoming skills, and a variety of forms of psychological play.  Co-presented on interrogation at 2016 SouthPlains Leatherfest.  
Because negotiation forms part of the basis for consent, I believe that it is an essential skill for every player.  I've heard a lot of people say, "I don't know how to negotiate" or "I don't negotiate well."  If you are unable to negotiate effectively, I believe that you are playing above your skill set and putting all of us at risk.  We are all responsible for evaluating our skills and doing what's necessary to improve.  Attend a class.  Ask for help.  Invest the time to think about yourself as a player.  You wouldn't say, "I'm going to whip someone tonight, and learn proper whip technique later", would you?  Take responsibility for yourself, your consent and your safety.  And then go have FUN!
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