#218 - KohanaKoa & Keiki - Daddy & Babygirl
KohanaKoa has been a practicing Dom for over 20 years. He is proud to have a wonderful babygirl in his Keiki. She is the light of his life. Their relationship is very special and both of them couldn’t be happier.  One of their many dynamics id Dady babygirl.  Kiki is an avid masochist and takes her roles seriously.  KohanaKoa works hard for a living and Keiki is working hard on her college degree. They enjoy and welcome new friendships and are always happy to give back to their lifestyle community so feel free to message us or request friendship, but please be respectful.
Keywords: podcast, kinkycast, relationship, daddy, baby, baby girl, kohanaKoa, keiki, sadist, masochist, dom, 20

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