#217 - Franklin Veaux “More Than Two" CoAuthor
Franklin has been ideologically kinky and polyamorous his entire life, functionally kinky and polyamorous since 1984, and writing about BDSM and polyamory since 1996. He started practicing non-monogamy from the moment he started becoming aware that boys and girls are different. Along the way, he's made just about every mistake it’s possible to make in polyamorous relationships. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment.
He writes about BDSM on the Web at www.xeromag.com and about polyamory at www.morethantwo.comco-authored with my partner Eve Rickert.
keywords: podcast, kinkycast, franklin beaux, more, than, two, polyamory, beds, kinky, polyamorous, relationship non-monogamy, monogamy, mistake

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