#202 - Venus Queen - Looking for a Cuckold Relationship
This week the Beast joins Venus Queen. Discussing what has drawn her to be a committed Queen of Spades, but more importantly join her for her discussion of her mission to develop a cuckold relationship.  What does she expect and what she offers.
Here’s advise from Venus Queen: Okay ladies…here it is! A little list for quick ideas on how to cuck your man:
Fuck other men (obviously)
1. Make him sit in the corner, stay quiet and jerk off
2. Make him take pictures and videos
3. Make him stay home and watch via Skype or FaceTime

4. Make him sit in the corner in chastity
5. Make him stay home and listen on the phone

6. Make him clean up your cream pie
7. Make him drop you off and pick you up after
8. Make him buy you new lingerie beforehand send him pictures and videos while he’s at work so he knows what he’s missing
9. Make him listen to you talk about the entire experience in detail when you get homesick about black men with huge cocks
10. Make him watch you get gang banged
11. Make him watch you get gang banged on your wedding night, honeymoon, and every wedding anniversary
12. Fuck his friends
13. Fuck his brother and his dad
14. Fuck his co-workers and his boss
15. Fuck your ex-boyfriends
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