#182 - Ponygroom & Ms. Lindsey - Pony Play  
This week Woody & Krissy chat with Ms Lindsey and Ponygroom on the subject of Pony Play.  
Ms Lyndsey (aka: Ponygirl lyndsey) ~ 
~ A horse woman in her own right ~ as well as a 4-event cross-trained ponygirl specializing in pony-cart dancing, Ms Lyndsey raised, trained, and performed in rodeos and other horse shows with her dancing Arabian Mare, "Buttercup", for many years in the Central Pennsylvania area.  She is also a professionally trained musician (Opera Singer & Organist/Pianist). She served as a judge at many bio-horse events back in the 70's.  She served as a Judge for Ponies On The Delta ~ II in April of 2017 and will return to serve as a Judge for Ponies On The Delta ~ III in April of 2018.  Website:  Ponies On The Delta ~ http://poniesonthedelta.com/~ Ms Lyndsey began her lifestyle adventures in the mid 1970's as a House Alpha as well as in a Leather Club located in Southeastern Virginia, where she earned her leathers as a bottom and her vest as a top. Besides Virginia & Florida ~ where she lives with her current partner Ponygroom, Ms Lyndsey has also been an active member of the BDSM community in other places across the US where she has lived including Indiana and Illinois.   Fetlife Profile:  https://fetlife.com/users/12909  Ponygirl lyndsey’s Corral : http://plkstables.org/index.php/ponygirl-lyndsey-s-corral
Tim Ponygroom ~ ~ Since 1997, Ponygroom has been grooming and training human ponies. His inspiration came from having some experience boarding a horse when he was a teenager, combined with an understanding of human pets that began to bloom in 1996. In late 1997, he met a ponygirl.  They spent a year in a contract as "pony and Groom".~ Ponygroom’s background in kink goes back to tying himself up at age 13.  By 15, he was already competent at self-suspension.  At 16 he had a boy friend, but we were careful to keep it on the down low at school.  They did some breath play, very sexy, very dangerous.  In his twenties he married "vanilla" but she turned out to be "pistachio".~ Ponygroom didn't understand, in his twenties and early thirties, that his masochistic and sadistic tendencies would always be with him, haunt his dreams and turn him on. Soon after he turned forty, he started wrestling with all these thoughts and passions, wondering what would remain and what could be dispatched to silence.  He learned that he would always love men, that he loved being intimate with male energy, that if he didn't experience some erotic pain from time to time he would go nuts, and that being in charge (or completely not in charge) in the bedroom was among the very best things in life.~ Since then, he has owned, and been owned.  He has been a player, and is now more or less retired from "just playing".  Ponygroom was mentored in 1997 and 1998.  He learned by going "to the source" whenever possible.~ In 2007, Ponygroom got a pony of his very own, Ponygirl lyndsey.  Training her, and playing with her, has made some of the happiest times of his life. It helps a lot that she is the endless masochist to his endless sadist. 
FetLife Profile:  https://fetlife.com/users/12558 Ponygroom & Ms Lyndsey ~~ Together, Ponygroom & Ms Lyndsey run their Service House, PLK Stables (http://PLKStables.org/), as “an educational House to: train human ponies (or other human animals or critters); to instruct others in the BDSM arts; and to assist new or continuing members of the BDSM community in knowing how to keep themselves safe in the life-style.”
~ S
ince April of 2007, Ms Lyndsey has been the domestic life partner and the Owned Ponygirl of Tim Ponygroom.  Ponygroom and Ms Lyndsey were co-founders along with darkestangel in 2008 of  Human Ponies & Pets in Florida, which later changed its name to Florida Pets, and ultimately to Florida Critters (http://plkstables.org/index.php/florida-critters).  Florida Critters was a real-time human animal (human ponies, puppies, kittens, or whatever critter you identify as), therian, & furry role-play social group in Florida.  Florida Pets was the first human animal role-play group to recognize the equality of all the different human animal roles. Because of this, the name was changed to Florida Critters.  Since then, many other groups have started up around the US and the world who include this term as part of their name in conjunction with other animal roles (ie: Pony and Critters, Ponies & Critters, Critters & pets, etc.).  In August 2011 the group transitioned to new leadership; soon after that, Lyndsey and Ponygroom left Florida for Nevada where they lived for a year before returning to Florida.  The group was in excellent hands. The Phoenix Club in Largo became the group's new home base, since there was such a concentration of members in the Tampa Bay area.  On August 13, 2013, the Florida Critters stopped having real-time meetings, but the FetLife group (https://fetlife.com/groups/1699) & the website still remain.
~ Ponygroom & Ms Lyndsey have traveled to various ponyplay events as well as BDSM events & conventions across the US.  Ponygroom’s writings on ponyplay appeared in several issues of Equus Eroticus magazine.  Together, their ideas & writings about ponyplay have appeared in various other publications:  ·        The Human Pony - A handbook for owners, trainers and admirers, Available through Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Human-Pony-handbook-trainers-admirers/dp/1890159999) and other places; ·        Fringe Florida: Travels Among Mud Boggers, Furries, Ufologists, Nudists, and Other Lovers of Unconventional Lifestyles,  Available at Goodreads (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17347813-fringe-florida) and Other places;·        and others, ·        as well as on TV and radio. ~ Ponygroom is also the author of What to Expect at a Pony Party (http://plkstables.org/index.php/florida-critters/what-to-expect-at-a-pony-party)Sadistic Reflexology Primer (http://plkstables.org/index.php/home/classes/sr); Safer Shoots (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/247535); & Sociopaths in the Scene (a pamphlet) (http://sociopathsinthescene.com/pamphlet/).

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