#187 - Renegade & Team Fluffy 
This week the Beast chats with Stormy on Renegade’s Rendezvous and other kinky events.  Here is their profile profile…
Stormy and his girl, Nichole, live a 24/7 M/s life. They are members of Edgewalkers, which is a group that practices and facilitates body based rituals such as hook pulls, hook suspensions and fire walks. Stormmy is the President of the Edge Riders Evergreen Chapter a BDSM which ismotorcycle riding club based on the principles of a leather family and community service.
Together they are devoted to their family, friends and community. They are the producers of Renegades’ Rendezvous, a four- day BDSM/kinky campout. Education is important to them and they teach a wide variety of classes from technical to relationship to spiritual. A full listing of their classes can be found on their FetLife profiles.
Known for his edge play, Stormmy can often be found in a dungeon; knife, scalpel or barbwire flogger in hand. His motto is, “I give and give until it hurts.”

>>Upcoming Event - Team Fluffy Intensive
Date & Time: Saturday, September 16, 2017 - 10:30 AM – Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 4:00 PM  
Location: The Enigma Address given the week of event upon confirmation of attendance
Cost: See Description, Class prices vary.
Dress code: Casual.
Description: We are proud to announce that TEAM FLUFFY is coming to visit Fresno!!!!
5 classes total!!!
>You DON'T want to miss this
See MissaKay at The-Enigma play parties to prepay for your spot(s)!!!
Saturday 09/16/2017
Somebodys Gonna Get Wet – Waterboarding for Fun and Torture - $20
Waterboarding is an effective interrogation technique that has been around for hundreds of years. We take this common form of torture and use it as a form of edge play. There will be a short lecture describing the types of waterboarding, risks associated with it and ways that you can help mitigate those risks. Then it will be onto the demo portion. We will provide a demo and then we will open it up to allow people to experience waterboarding from either side.
On-site Pasta Lunch - $10 extra
Stapling for Decoration and More - $20
This class will cover the fun that can be had with staple guns. Medical staples can be used in a variety of ways and we will show you some of our favorites. We will start by discussing the different types of staple guns and where to order them. Proper use and removal will be covered, as well as good areas on the body to start with. Stapling can be used for decoration and we will show you how to make corsets and other designs that could be worn at a party or event. They are also great for bondage and predicament play and we will share some ideas with you. Sensitive areas will be covered including facial and lip stapling and stapling for chastity. There will be live demonstration and opportunity to ask questions and share ideas.
How to Beat a Bitch and not Break Them - $20
This is a workshop covering rough body play. We will show you how to utilize your whole body to effectively dominate a partner in and out of the bedroom. Hitting, slapping and punching will be covered as well as kicking and take downs. Safety aspects will be discussed. Special focus will be paid to the sensitive areas including cunt kicking. There will be hands on demonstration as well. Tops and bottoms are welcome to attend.
All 3 Saturday classes $50 total (lunch extra)Sunday 09/17/2017
Being in Service Everyday - Service Ideas for when your Top is around and when he isn’t - $15
Some slaves are lucky enough to live with their Tops while many others are not. This workshop will explore ideas for service whether your Top is around or not. These ideas and strategies will empower slaves by enabling them to feel connected and controlled by their Top at all times. Many slaves crave this connection and will enjoy lessened anxiety and a more fulfilled life in service to their Top.
The Twelve Traditions of Master’s House - $15
While profound contentment can be gleaned from the everyday activities of being a Master or slave, it is a fact that we were attracted to this lifestyle for a reason. As a Master, it is of utmost importance that the philosophies and goals that matter most be communicated clearly to his or her slaves in a manner that empowers the slave by clearly defining the framework which they are to serve within. It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day functions of a Master/slave relationship while losing sight of the bigger picture – the very reason that these functions were developed in the first place. As a Master, Stormmy has authored “The Twelve Traditions of Master’s House”. These 12 traditions communicate his expectations and philosophy to his slaves. Stormmy will share his process for developing these traditions along with why these traditions were chosen. However, every family is different! Nothing sets up a relationship for success like a strong foundation. Providing your family with these explicit traditions is just one way of preparing that foundation.
Both Sunday classes $25 total

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