#188 - All About the MotorBunny & Freudian Slips on Finding Romance in the Scene  
Join the team for a fun filled and action packed trip and ride (on a MotorBunny).  Later we tune in to our old friend Freudian Slips to check out a bit of romance.
First up, Woody invites Brooks, CEO of MotorBunny into studio A for an overview about the MotorBunny, a new sit-on sex fucking machine.  It may look familiar, but that’s where the similarities stop.  A new high-tech take on a riding sex toy.  After the interview we join three intrepid riders for a first ear listen to some fun reactions and way too many orgasms to count! 
If you wish to skip the rides jump to 16:30 and hear the Beast and Freudian Slips. What does it take for a sane woman to move to a new state, away from friends and family?  Fet-lebrity Freudian Slips returns the Kinkycast to talk about discovering love and taking the leap into the unknown for a new relationship.
Links: http://MotorBunny.com   https://fetlife.com/users/4849943
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